Become a regular volunteer.

10 May school portrait workshop

The school workshop includes a portrait workshop and using our green screen linked to our About Face exhibition.

We would require someone for the morning and afternoon sessions

9.30 - 12.30pm ( includes set up times).

12.30 - 3.20pm  ( includes set up times).

What's involved?

To help with the school group and support the workshop leader.

To set up the room

Support the portrait session and take photos with our green screen.

To tidy away at the end.

Why get involved?

Gain experience and meet new people.

How to get involved?

Accept the challenge and wait for a member of staff to contact you.

Ideal Skills

  • Design & Illustration
  • Event Stewarding
  • Reading/Storytelling
  • Working independently
  • Working with Children 0-5yrs
  • Working with Children 6 - 12yrs
  • Working with Young People

Ideal Interests

  • Community Work
  • Creative and Arts
  • Design
  • Event & Project Management
  • Learning and Education
  • Teaching and Training

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